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Archive for July, 2014

  • Creating a Custody and Visitation Schedule in Kansas

    In the state of Kansas, the court favors an award of joint custody when parents decide to legally separate or…

  • The Tale of John Flentie: Platte County Man Fights to be Free of his Guardianship

    John Flentie spends every hour of his day obsessed with re-gaining his freedom.  Flentie is not a prisoner, as you…

  • What to Do in the Event Your Ex Fails to Meet Court Ordered Child Support Obligations

    Your court ordered child support is something you depend upon every month to provide for your child’s basic needs.  When…

  • Kansas City Mom Accused of Medical Child Abuse Learns Illinois Is Keeping Her Son

    A Kansas City mom who has been battling the state of Illinois to bring her son back home will have…