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Child Custody Meeting Both Parties Needs

Child Custody Meeting Both Parties Needs
January 18, 2012 LS_admin

Divorce is a very real, sad aspect of life that many must deal with today. In the past, divorce was more of a situational, unspoken aspect that many decided that they would rather be unhappy a lifetime versus having a divorce and facing the criticism of those around them ranging from their friends, family, and even just simple acquaintances. Today, however, many people now have the option of privately, or publically facing divorce head on with whatever situation, or circumstances caused the rift between spouses.

When divorce takes place individuals must take and split assets that were collaboratively, or singularly brought into the marriage from start to finish. Although some prenuptial agreements take place, many individuals do not partake in these agreements and end up splitting most of everything half of everything to one party and half of everything to another party. However, one thing that always seems to spice a divorce and mediation up even more than that is probably already present is that of who is going to receive custody of a child.

Usually, the mother has the ability to gain primary custody of a child, but some circumstances easily change to the father gaining not only primary custody of a child, but full custody as well. However, many couples today are now not taking themselves into mind with custody decisions, but truly the child in mind. Couples are now deciding to live in the same general or neighboring areas and having shared custody of a child. Yes, one parent will receive primary custody of a child that will be appointed by a court, but many are splitting days of not only a month, but also week regularly with children being able to see both parents on a regular basis.

Studies have shown that future depression, and emotional issues are less likely to occur with children of divorced parents of a healthy relationship exists between all parties and see both parents regularly.

Overall, divorces should be handled carefully and therefore everyone should be taken into consideration especially that of one’s children.

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