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Common Questions Regarding Guardianship of a Minor Child in Kansas

Common Questions Regarding Guardianship of a Minor Child in Kansas
July 6, 2015 LS_admin

Oftentimes, an individual or a couple may wish to be appointed as the legal guardian of a child, however they are unfamiliar with what exactly the role entails. Some questions often include how to proceed with a guardianship case in court, what the positives and negatives are of being appointed as guardian, and what the various roles are throughout the process. When dealing with cases involving minor children, the court always focuses on the child’s best interest and makes its decisions accordingly. It is important, however, to prepare for both before, during and after you are appointed as a child’s guardian.

What is a Guardian?

In the state of Kansas, a guardian is an adult who is fit to care for the well-being of another adult or child. Guardians can be close relatives or they can be other adults who have a relationship with the child and would be fit to care for them. The goal of a guardian is to provide necessary care of a child in the ways of physical and emotional well-being, manage their finances if necessary and ensure they are educated and raised in a healthy, stable environment.

How do Guardianships end?

A guardianship is created to last essentially until the child no longer needs to be cared for. Therefore a guardianship can end in a variety of ways. Most commonly, guardianship ends automatically when the child turns the age of majority, or 18. However, many guardianships can end for different reasons, such as the guardian resigning from its role or the court reassigning the current guardian’s responsibilities to another person.

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem is a court appointed representative that speaks on behalf of the child in order to ensure their best interests are being maintained. A minor is usually considered unable to speak adequately for himself or herself, therefore the court sees a strong benefit to having a guardian ad litem on their side during certain legal proceedings, such as guardianship. A guardian ad litem may be a close relative or an attorney, however their role is always the same and the child is always protected on their behalf.

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