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Disabled Parents and Child Custody

Disabled Parents and Child Custody
November 16, 2011 LS_admin

Every human reacts to aspects of life on a daily basis. From sights, sounds, and smells people learn, grow and go out into the world in hopes of finding more opportunities to do such. Most of the time, individuals end up finding a person with common interests in their life that hold the same values. These individuals then get married, and have the possibility of having children. However, marriage is not what is use to be and divorce is done as fast as the words “ I Do” come out of a person’s mouth.

During the divorce assets are split, which children are included in this. Although child custody is usually given to the mother, if the judge sees it able to grant full custody is given to the father. Each proceeding is done on a case-by-case basis due to the uniqueness of every family and case. However, what is done in the courts when a parent has a disability physical, or mental?

Many movies such as “I Am Sam” have depicted the life of a parent with mental illness seeking custody of their child. Many think that those with disabilities are unable to fully take care of children. Today, courts are now giving equal opportunities to those individuals who seem capable of handling child custody with disabilities. Many courts today have ruled that child custody cannot be solely based on the disability of a parent, and that both parties will be treated fairly. With this option available to disabled parents, they are now getting the fairness the once had all over again.

Of course the question is asked will they actually be able to take care of the children, but if a parent that has cared for a child for years and was disabled then the possibilities are endless on not only how good the parenting aspect is for the disabled, but also the bonds that they child shares with that parent. In the future, disabled parents will soon be given in more options when deciding alimony and child custody rights all together with parents that are not handicapped.

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