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Grandparent Rights and Adoption Laws as Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Attorney

Grandparent Rights and Adoption Laws as Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Attorney
September 30, 2015 LS_admin

Families can be created and comprised in a multitude of ways, including grandparents having custody of and taking care of their grandchildren. This can occur voluntarily or involuntarily, and can have a variety of effects regarding the rights grandparents have, or the relationship that is created between them and their grandchildren. Whether you are a grandparent who has custody of your grandchildren and you wish to have the same legal rights a parent would have, or you are a grandparent who wishes to see more of your grandchild and its parents are forbidding you, you have rights and our law firm is here to help.

Attorney Tom McDowell is unique in the sense that he has knowledgeable of both grandparent rights laws and adoption laws and is able to help regardless of your type of situation. With over 40 years of experience he has assisted a wide range of families receive the care and support the children they love deserve.

Grandparents Forbidden to See Their Grandchildren

Unfortunately not all families get along perfectly and oftentimes this can lead to tension and lack of visitation when a grandchild is brought into the equation. Grandparents who wish to have closer relationships with their grandchild and are forbidden may feel frustrated and upset at the restrictions that are placed upon them by their children. There may also be instances of neglect or abuse regarding the parents and their children, and you may wish to intervene as a grandparent and obtain custody of your grandchild in order to facilitate a better and healthier environment for them.

Your ability to secure visitation rights will depend on the current situation, your living environment, your relationship with the child and ultimately what outcome best serves the best interest of the child. As a grandparent you have legal rights, and in many situations you have the ability to receive custody of your grandchild, or in some cases adoption may be necessary or beneficial. Regardless of the circumstances, Kansas Attorney Tom McDowell will discuss your options with you and help you create the best possible outcome for your grandchild and their well-being.

Obtaining Legal Rights of a Grandchild

If you currently have custody of your grandchild(ren) however you do not have legal rights established and are unable to make decisions regarding their healthcare, education or general well-being, there are ways to overcome this obstacle. Depending on the circumstances and the needs of the child, there are a variety of options available based on the necessary custody timeline and which legal rights are needed. For example, a Power of Attorney could be established giving grandparents certain legal rights temporarily, or more extensive and permanent rights could be obtained through guardianship or even adoption.  Discussing your options and the needs of the child with Attorney Tom McDowell will help you discern which option is best for you and your family.

How a Qualified Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Answers Questions You Have Regarding Grandparent Rights

With over 40 years of experience, Kansas Adoption Attorney Tom McDowell has ample knowledge of the adoption process and knows the rights grandparents have regarding their grandchildren. McDowell Chartered Legal Services understands the complexities and stress you may be facing and looks forward to relieving both for you. Call our firm today at (316) 633-4322 to get the answers you need or begin the adoption process with the confidence and support you deserve.





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