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How Adult Guardianship Works in Kansas – Reviewed by Kansas Guardianship Attorney

How Adult Guardianship Works in Kansas – Reviewed by Kansas Guardianship Attorney
October 29, 2016 LS_admin

Knowing a family member or loved one that is in need of care as an adult is not an uncommon occurrence in Kansas, or in any other state. We seldom anticipate the medical, mental or emotional issues that may occur as years go by and are rarely prepared for them when they do. Guardianship was established to help adults who suffer from developmental or physical incapacities by providing the care, protection and assistance they deserve. Depending on the circumstances and the need of the person, who will later be called a ward, a conservatorship or a guardianship may be appropriate. An experienced attorney in Kansas can help your family decide which is most applicable to your loved one’s needs. A conservatorship tailors its services to managing the finances and monetary stability of a ward while guardianship cares for the person himself or herself.

If your family decides they wish to pursue the path of guardianship they should consider all pros and cons prior to filing a petition to determine incapacity. On one hand, guardianship can provide the comfort and stability a person may need while they are experiencing various incapacities. Families are calmed when they know their loved ones are being cared for by a trusted guardian and also monitored by the court for compliance. A guardian must make decisions within its boundary of autonomy and is sworn to uphold the best interest of the ward they are caring for.

On the other hand, appointing a guardian creates the risk that an excessive amount of autonomy may be taken from the ward unnecessarily. An attorney can help you and your family to determine whether a guardianship is appropriate or whether a less invasive legal route is more applicable. Establishing a guardianship can also take time and possibly require hearing attendance or testimony on behalf of certain family members. An attorney can also help ensure that much of this is taken care of for you and you do not have to be worried about filing deadlines, appearances, scheduling medical or psychological evaluations and providing notice to requisite family members. Guardianship can also be emotionally taxing on a family who does not have the support necessary to take on this process and make difficult decisions. Deciding to file for guardianship is not always easy, but it is more feasible with the help of legal assistance you can trust.

Kansas Guardianship Attorney Tom McDowell Can Answer Your Questions Today

Knowing the level of care and the available options for a loved one in need can be confusing and challenging. Kansas Guardianship Attorney Tom McDowell has successfully helped families and loved ones find the appropriate legal care for their adult relatives for over 40 years, and he looks forward to helping your family as well. He understands the questions and concerns you may have and looks forward to helping you establish the guardianship your family deserves. Call McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can help you successfully appoint a guardian.



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