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How Much Does it Cost to Establish a Guardianship or Conservatorship in Kansas?

How Much Does it Cost to Establish a Guardianship or Conservatorship in Kansas?
November 13, 2016 LS_admin

The guardianship and conservatorship process can help individuals in need acquire the assistance and care they need during difficult seasons in their life. It can also present many questions and areas of discussion that are necessary to answer prior to filing or finalizing a legal guardianship or conservatorship in Kansas. Although many families may feel they are ready to appoint or serve as a guardian or conservator, they may not adequately address whether or not they are financially secure enough to do so.

There are costs associated with guardianship and conservatorship prior to, during and after the process is finalized. Families should educate themselves on all stages of financial requirements for guardianship and conservatorship in Kansas to alleviate surprises and to plan accordingly. Regardless of whether you have filed for a guardianship or conservatorship or you are exploring available options, it can be beneficial to discuss your family desires with a qualified and experienced Kansas attorney.

There are a variety of care options available that expand the spectrum of invasiveness, rights and responsibilities. Choosing the best option for the person and need and the prospective guardian or conservator will benefit everyone involved in the short and long term.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Costs Before Appointment

At the outset of filing for a guardianship or conservatorship, each county’s district court in Kansas has its own schedule of filing fees. To file a petition for guardianship can cost between $100 and $400 depending on the county where you are required to file. This initial fee initiates the process of determining incapacity, which facilitates the need for care. Additional costs may also be required to get expert opinions from healthcare providers, nurses or psychologists. Attorney’s fees may be required if an attorney is hired to represent the person in need’s best interest throughout the proceedings.

 Costs After Guardianship and Conservatorship is Established

In many instances, the court continues to monitor and assess the activity of the guardianship or conservatorship appointment. An attorney is often required to report to the court on an annual basis with an accounting proving any financial expenditures the ward has incurred based on the decisions of the appointed guardian or conservator. The attorney may be charged for his or her time.  Additional court fees may apply after a guardian or conservator is appointed for miscellaneous filings and for accounting filing fees. The guardian or conservator, however, is not required to pay for medical or care expenses out of their own pocket. Funds from the ward’s estate are usually used to cover personal care needs so the guardian is not financially burdened or deterred from being appointed.

Understand Whether Guardianship is Appropriate for You or a Loved One Today

Kansas Guardianship Attorney Tom McDowell has decades of experience helping families care for their loved ones. If you feel guardianship is the appropriate next step for your loved one, he looks forward to answering your questions and successfully helping you to establish guardianship. Call Kansas Guardianship Attorney Tom McDowell, at McDowell Chartered Legal Services today (316) 633-4322 to see how he can help you approach the appointment process successfully.


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