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Important Guardianship Terms and Definitions Discussed by a Kansas Guardianship Attorney

Important Guardianship Terms and Definitions Discussed by a Kansas Guardianship Attorney
November 10, 2015 LS_admin

When a loved one or family member reaches a stage in their life that requires the assistance of another adult, they may benefit from establishing a legal guardianship. As a family member who cares for their well-being, you most likely want to explore your options and ensure you choose a solution or outcome that best suits all parties involved. Some options, such as creating a power of attorney, may be less involved and provide sufficient care or oversight. However, some situations may require the higher level of assistance, involvement and responsibility that a guardianship or conservatorship provide. It is important to fully understand the intricacies of the options available to you in Kansas, and in doing so educate yourself on the necessary terminology and definitions involved.

Guardianship in Kansas can be understood as the provision of relative assistive care to a ward, or an individual who is impaired, disabled, incapacitated or possesses the need for physical assistance to oversee their personal well-being.  A guardianship can only be established legally through the court system in the county where the individual lives. There are a variety of types of guardianship that can be established according to the needs of the individual and those who wish to care for them.

A conservatorship, much like a guardianship, stands to care for the financial needs of an incapacitated individual. The rights of a conservator allow him or her to make decisions on behalf of the conservatee’s finances or estate, in order to ensure their financial well-being remains in tact and their wishes are met. A conservator must also be appointed by the court in order to be legally capable of acting on behalf of the incapacitated individual.

The court may also appoint a successor guardian, which is a person who steps in to succeed the role of the current guardian. A standby guardian may also be established to assume the guardianship duties should the current guardian die, become disabled or resign. A co-guardian or co-conservator can be appointed in conjunction with a guardian or conservator as a person who equally shares in responsibility and role to the ward or conservatee. They may be appointed to act independently or may choose to work together in concert. All aforementioned positions provide comfort in knowing the ward will be taken care of on all accounts should anything happen to the current guardian or if any changes are made regarding the guardianship.

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