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Kansas Family Law Attorneys Explore Celebrity Conservatorships

Kansas Family Law Attorneys Explore Celebrity Conservatorships
December 11, 2014 LS_admin

In the past few years, conservatorships have made headline news due to a number of high profile celebrities needing their protection.  Most recently, Amanda Bynes has been in the news in part due to the conservatorship granted to Bynes’ parents over their troubled daughter.  Last year, Bynes begin exhibiting bizarre behavior.  She was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold that lasted for two weeks.  Afterwards, her parents were granted a conservatorship in order to protect her finances.

The conservatorship was set to expire, but the court one again granted conservatorship to Bynes’ parents after finding that Bynes was a substantial risk to herself and others.  The court weighed evidence that Bynes spent substantial sums on strangers, including handing goods out on the street.  Bynes is rumored to suffer from bipolar disorder.

A conservatorship is a legal relationship wherein one person (the conservator) is granted the power to make financial and business decisions for another (the protectee).  A conservator may be appointed when the court determines that the individual lacks the capacity to manage his or her affairs.  The conservator is typically provided control over all or a portion of the protectee’s monies and business affairs.

Amanda Bynes is not the first celebrity to be the subject of a conservatorship.  Several years ago, James Spears, the father of pop star Britney Spears, was granted a conservatorship over his daughter.  Britney Spears displayed erratic behavior similar to that of Amanda Bynes prior to courts determination that a conservatorship was in order.  The conservatorship is apparently still ongoing.

Conservatorships can be used for minor children, disable adult children, temporarily disabled adults, and the elderly.  In minor children, a conservatorship can be granted over minor children who have funds in excess of $10,000.  The conservator, usually the parent, is given authority to invest and manage the funds on the minor’s behalf.  Conservatorship is also useful for parents of disabled adult children.  When any individual turns 18, they are deemed an adult and capable of managing their own affairs.  Some disabled adult children, however, are not capable of managing financial matters on their own.  A conservatorship provides parents with the control necessary to ensure their disabled adult child’s well being.

Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes both fall under the third category of individual who may be subject to a conservatorship—a temporarily disabled adult.  Sometimes adults will experience a temporary disability, whether it be due to mental or physical issues, that renders them incapable of reasoned financial decisions.  Untreated mental illness, drug addiction, and traumatic brain injury are all causes for temporary disability among adults.

Elderly adults comprise the majority of conservatorships.  The elderly often experience lapses in memory or decision making ability, making them vulnerable to those that prey on the resources of the elderly.  Further, older adults sometimes simply lack the energy to maintain their financial affairs.  Through a conservatorship, a trusted individual can ensure their finances are protected and managed in a reasoned manner.

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Making the decision to seek a conservatorship over a loved one can be difficult.  However, in some cases, it is the best way possible to protect the one you care about.  If you are considering conservatorship, the Kansas Family Law Attorneys at McDowell Chartered can help.  We have helped countless Kansas through the complex process of conservatorship.   With our help, you can assure your loved one is no longer a threat to him or hers or others.  For exemplary service by a dedicated attorney team, call McDowell Chartered today at (316) 633-4322 for an initial consultation.




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