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Kansas Guardianship Attorney Discusses Considerations Regarding Adult Guardianship

Kansas Guardianship Attorney Discusses Considerations Regarding Adult Guardianship
July 31, 2016 LS_admin

If you are considering seeking guardianship of an adult, it is likely because you are concerned about their well – being. However, it is important that along with exploring guardianship as an option that would address your concern you also consider where there is some other option that would address that concern without the far-reaching consequences of guardianship. When some or all of a person’s independence is taken from them before it is truly necessary, their dignity suffers, and they may, in fact, decline more rapidly in conjunction with their loss of freedom. Alternatives to adult guardianship encourage people with disabilities to be as independent as they are capable of being and help them to retain as many rights and liberties as are possible under the circumstances. The following options could help you assist the person that you are concerned about in a less intrusive way than a full guardianship.

One possible solution to help someone meet a very particular need is to appoint a representative payee. A representative payee handles finances for an individual who receives social security or disability benefits. Many of these people can manage most aspects of independent living on their own. Some, though, may not be skilled at managing their finances on their own. A lack of understanding of how finances work or an inability to attend to them in a responsible manner could jeopardize a person’s independence. Fortunately, a representative payee can take care of the individual’s finances while leaving everything else alone.

In a similar fashion as the representative payee takes care of a person’s finances, you may be able to find one or more services in the community that the adult that you are concerned about could use to meet whatever needs they have trouble meeting on their own. Explore the resources that may be available to them, and let them know if you find something that they may find helpful. For example, many communities have programs that assist with meals and other programs that help with transportation.

If the person that you are concerned about is aging or physically challenged and needs medical care and some degree of supervision, you may want to help them explore the possibility of moving into an assisted living community. Assisted Living communities enable elderly and physically challenged adults to live in a relatively home – like setting while having the safety and security of regular medical care and other services.

While you are exploring alternatives to adult guardianship, there may come a point at which you realize that a full adult guardianship is the only choice that will adequately protect your family member or friend. Since adult guardianships can be complex, you will want to move forward with the assistance of a knowledgeable Kansas Guardianship Attorney. Your Kansas guardianship attorney can help you to understand the guardianship process, navigate the court proceedings, and comply with the accounting and reporting requirements. If you are considering seeking an adult guardianship for someone you love, call Kansas Guardianship Attorney Thomas McDowell at (316) 633-4322 today, to arrange an initial consultation.



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