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Kansas Siblings Hope to Stay Together: How Adoption Affects Large Families

Kansas Siblings Hope to Stay Together: How Adoption Affects Large Families
November 27, 2014 LS_admin

There is perhaps nothing more devastating to children than being separated from their family. For many Kansas children waiting for “forever homes,” the process of being separated from parents, siblings, and friends is all too real. In many cases, separation from siblings causes greater anxiety and trauma, which can drastically affect the success of placement and overall well-being.

One Kansas family has recently been in the media spotlight thanks to an article run in the Kansas City Star. According to reports, the six siblings featured in the article are hoping to find their forever home together. The six siblings range in age from four to 14, and though they are currently split between foster homes, the children remain in close contact with one another, and even participate in regularly scheduled visits together.

Like many others, these six siblings are hoping that they can stay together and find a family that will love them and offer the support they need to thrive. Along with 1,200 other children St. Francis Community Services, an organization dedicated to finding homes for children in state custody, are aiding the six siblings in their search for the perfect home. Organizations like St. Francis Community Services recognize the benefits of keeping siblings together in the same home. For these Kansas siblings, a traumatic family history makes staying together even more crucial in order to avoid long-term anxiety and separation trauma.

There is no question that finding a forever home for six siblings together is not the norm, nor is it easy in many cases. Fortunately, there are families out there who are willing to open their homes and hearts to large groups of siblings. While the process is more complicated, it is an excellent option for the right families. According to social workers, one of the major components in favor of adoptive parents who want several siblings together is support from the community, local schools, church, and family. When families have this support, it is much easier for adopted children to acclimate to a new family and home, and most often, children do very well. For the six siblings in this story, it is noted that all six have an attitude of hopefulness and confidence that they will eventually be placed together in one home, to remain siblings. The strength and fortitude of these children can serve as an example to anyone moving through the process of adoption that patience and love go a long way toward success.

Get Help Finding the Perfect Adoption Situation for Your Family

Of course, not every Kansas family has the desire or means to adopt a large set of siblings. Every adoption case is different and requires a different strategy for success. It is so important that Kansas families considering adoption be proactive in building a strong system of support, including legal support. The aid of an experienced adoption attorney can provide guidance, strength, and legal support through the various processes required for adoption.

A McDowell Chartered, our skilled Kansas Adoption Lawyer knows how important adoption is to Kansas families, and as such, works diligently to help every family find a solution that is right for them. We do not believe in taking a “cookie cutter” approach to every adoption, but will create a plan that is tailored to the desires and needs of your family. To schedule an initial consultation and start the adoption process, call McDowell Chartered today at our office in Wichita at (316) 633-4322. We represent clients throughout the state, and in Missouri, and hope that we can offer your family adoption support and success.



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