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Power of Attorney for Grandparents – Reviewed by Kansas Guardianship Attorney

Power of Attorney for Grandparents – Reviewed by Kansas Guardianship Attorney
November 30, 2015 LS_admin

Depending on the type of relationship a grandparent has with his or her grandchild and the details of the circumstances, the options available to care for the child can vary. Some grandparents voluntarily wish to have custody of their grandchild whereas some grandparents involuntarily become the main caregiver of their grandchild. The dynamic of the relationship and the need of the situation can greatly dictate the outcome that best suits the scenario.

The level of consent on behalf of the parents may also affect how and when guardianship or custody can be established. When searching for solutions it is important to fully understand all available options and choose the one that works best for all parties involved and suits the child’s best interest. A Power of Attorney may be the simplest, quickest and least expensive way to establish rights over your grandchild however it may be best to discuss with a Kansas Guardianship Attorney.

When a Power of Attorney May Be Suitable

Oftentimes the child’s parents may be only temporarily unavailable or in need of their parents’ help with caring for their child. For example, a parent may be deployed on military leave, require long-term hospital care, serving jail time, on an extended vacation or a variety of other scenarios that leave them absent and unavailable.  In these cases a power of attorney may be a sufficient temporary solution of care for the child. Establishing a power of attorney may be recommended considering its temporary or indefinite nature, the ease of which a power of attorney can be attained and can be attained rather quickly. A power of attorney can be created to afford as many or few rights and responsibilities to the grandparents as the parents see fit. As previously stated, a power of attorney can be a sufficient short-term solution however is most likely not a sustainable long-term solution.

A power of attorney can be established by creating a sufficient document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the grandparents, states the consent of the parents and discusses the indefinite or specific length of custody or care.  Once a power of attorney is established by the child’s grandparents, they need only bring that document with them to applicable establishments such as the child’s school or daycare, the hospital, the dentist, etc. Some agencies require that an original of the document be placed on file, so it is important to have copies that meet certain standards and are appropriately signed by relevant parties.

If You Are a Grandparent Who Wants Custody of Your Grandchild, Call Kansas Guardianship Attorney Tom McDowell Today

Family dynamics can be difficult, and everyone’s situation is different. However, the best interest of the child is always our top priority and focus. McDowell Chartered Legal Services has over 40 years of experience helping families care for their children. And grandchildren. Call our Kansas Guardianship Attorney today at (316) 633-4322 to begin establishing your legal rights as a grandparent or have your questions answered.



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