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The 10 Best Ways to Find a Child Available for Adoption

The 10 Best Ways to Find a Child Available for Adoption
January 28, 2014 LS_admin

Many clients often come through our door wondering where to start the process of trying to find a child for adoption.  Sometimes, this can be quite overwhelming, especially for people who have never gone through the adoption process before.  With this in mind, consider the following places to start your search for a child:

  1. ADOPTION ATTORNEYS.  Lawyers who specialize in adoption and family law can be an excellent source for leads for available adoptees. Experienced adoption attorneys have more than likely established reliable connections in the field, and will be able to help identify a potential adoptive child, or put you in contact with birth parents, sometimes before a child is even born. Once a scenario for placement has been located, your attorney will lead you through the adoption process, file all the required legal documents, represent your interests in court, and finalize all matters in the most beneficial and successful way possible.
  2. INTERNET. There was once a level of uncertainty and reluctance involved when exploring such important subject matter online, but now the Internet provides an abundant amount of reliable adoption information. It is a great way to get started initially, learning the basics about adoption, the many available resources, and when you’re ready to move forward, the next steps you can take to connect with birth parents, agencies, and other facilitators.
  3. ADVERTISE. More recently, many couples have been willing to explore a more creative approach to locating a prospective adoptive child due to the decrease of infants available for adoption domestically.  One such alternative method is advertising, whether in newspapers, magazines, or even on billboards.
  4. COUNTY/GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS. When it comes to adoption, some local governmental agencies are now facilitating the process within their geographic areas. There are many children in foster care that are hoping and waiting to be adopted.   Your local governmental unit may be able to assist in facilitating a match between your family and a child in the foster care system.
  5. DOCTORS. Many doctors can be potentially good sources for adoption referrals, particularly Obstetricians and family practitioners. Oftentimes, such areas of practice put them in contact with unwed mothers, and they may have knowledge or are aware of a birth parent that is deciding to place their child for adoption.
  6. SURROGACY. A surrogacy arrangement is another common option for locating a potential adoptive child.  This process involves entering a contract with another woman to carry a child to term, who will then relinquish custody of the child immediately after birth. There are several scenarios in terms of how this arrangement may take place, and is usually determined by the parties involved.
  7. BE A FOSTER PARENT. If you are already a foster parent, you may be a step ahead in achieving a successful adoption, although it may not necessarily be the child you are presently a foster parent to.  Depending on the circumstances, foster parenting can lead to adoption of the foster child, and sometimes it may not.
  8. FRIENDS, RELATIVES, AND CO-WORKERS. When you have determined you are ready to adopt, start spreading the news.  Tell everyone you know that you are planning to adopt a child, and encourage them to get the word out as well.  Surprisingly, many adoption connections are established through word-of-mouth.
  9. ADOPTION AGENCIES. Licensed adoption agencies are the most common way for many birth parents and prospective adoptive parents to find placement for an adoptive child. Some agencies are even able to match birth and adoptive parents. Otherwise, prospective adoptive parents submit the necessary family information to the agency, which is then reviewed by birth parents looking to place their child for adoption. Depending on the type of adoption a birth parent seeks, the birth parent may be in a position to select the family they see fit for their child.  In other adoption scenarios, an agency and the prospective adoptive parents make a decision without the input or knowledge of the birth parent. For prospective adoptive parents considering international adoption, typically, adoption agencies are used to facilitate this process.
  10. CHURCHES AND OTHER PLACES OF WORSHIP. Since the beginning of adoption practices, domestically and world wide, religious organizations have often encouraged and facilitated such relationships for children in need.

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