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The Age of Reason

The Age of Reason
November 15, 2011 LS_admin

Through life a person witnesses many different things. With each experience a person takes away a lesson that will be reflected later on in life with similar issues. Relationships are an aspect of life that is a constant learning game. From the good, to the bad, to the just plain ugly relationships can easily be like the changing of reasons from hot to cold in just a matter of seconds. Couples who were once in love are no longer and are seeking to get separated, which is known legally as a divorce. A divorce can easily be another lesson that affects the outlook of life for an individual.

Although divorce impacts both spouses greatly, it impacts a child even harder. Children are show through research and statistics to be directly affected by the divorce of their parents. From bad grades, to drugs, to delinquency behavior kids have many shades when divorce occurs. Sometimes these are directly correlated with who becomes the custodial parent.

Of course the children want to be made happy especially with the situation at hand, but what if they would like their primary custody to be with the other parent? Many people assume that there is a certain age in which a child can voluntarily choose the parent in which it wants to reside with. However, this is not entirely factual. Yes there is an age in which a child can choose what parent to go with, but there is not set limit on this age. Children at the time of distribution of child custody can state who they would like to live with any why. Usually courts take the child’s request into consideration and base their ruling on the happiness of the child.

Inevitably, the child is the true deciding factor of child custody in most cases if a legitimate reason as to why is present. Children are already going through a lot when dealing with divorce so why not make them feel as much comfortable as possible with the parent they are requesting in order to regain some normalcy from the matters at hand.

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