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The Costs Associated With Being the Guardian of an Adult in Kansas

The Costs Associated With Being the Guardian of an Adult in Kansas
July 21, 2015 LS_admin

If you have been nominated as a Guardian of an adult in Kansas you most likely have many questions and concerns. One of the issues you may wish to clarify before moving forward or accepting the appointment is what expenses are involved in being appointed as a guardian. The required expenses associated with a guardianship proceeding, both during and after the appointment can vary. Therefore it is important to fully educate yourself prior to being appointed, or discuss the details with an experienced guardianship attorney in Kansas.

Expenses During the Guardianship Process

Most of the time the incapacitated or impaired adult has the financial means to take care of himself or herself. In this case, their funds can be used to file the guardianship petition and to help pay for attorney fees. If an individual needs a guardian but they cannot afford to take care of themselves nor can their relative take on the necessary expenses, they may need to be appointed a public guardian. In this case they will be cared for by a public agency and their needs will be met using state issued funds. Some religious, charitable or private organizations also offer care for those that are in need and financially unable to support themselves.

Expenses After Being Appointed Guardian

A common misunderstanding and assumption of the guardianship process lies in potential guardians thinking they must use their own funds to support their loved one. Guardianships were created to encourage the care and well-being of adults in need, and the legal system is set up to facilitate just that.  Any bills that must be paid on the ward’s behalf are paid using the ward’s money. However, it may become a more complex monetary situation if the ward does not have any money to support themselves. In this situation the guardian may have to assist in financially supporting the ward. If the elder adult needs medical treatment or other necessary care, the ward can also pay these expenses.  The court understands and allows for such expenses on the ward’s behalf, however asks that guardians to keep record and reports of their expenses to ensure proper care of the ward’s finances and discourage misuse of funds.

Contact an Experienced Kansas Guardianship Attorney to Discuss What Expenses are Involved in Establishing a Guardianship

If you are considering establishing a guardianship of your relative or loved one but are unsure of the expenses involved, our law firm is here to help. We understand the financial concerns you may have and will help you understand the process and give you the confidence and understanding you need. Contact a knowledgeable Kansas Guardianship Lawyer with your guardianship questions and get the knowledge you need to properly weigh your options. Call McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we will assist you with your guardianship options in order to successfully begin the process.



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