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What is Adult Adoption and When is it Necessary? – Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Attorney

What is Adult Adoption and When is it Necessary? – Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Attorney
August 2, 2016 LS_admin

Most people often association adoption with the permanent care of children or infants. Although the majority of adoptions do involve children under the age of eighteen, a large amount of adoptions fall into the adult adoption category as well. An adult may need to be adopted if he or she faces physical, mental or other challenges that limit their ability to care for themselves. In such instances, Kansas law allows one adult to adopt and care for another adult in need. In Kansas, adult adoption laws can be found and are specifically governed by Kansas statutes 59-2139 thru 59-2142.

When comparing adult adoption to a child adoption, adult adoptions are usually more simplistic, have less requirements and take less time to complete. For example, an adult adoption does not require a home study to be conducted, which evaluates a variety of factors such as an adoptive person’s home, lifestyle and financial stability. Unlike a child adoption, there is also no requirement to obtain the adoptive adult’s parents’ consent to adopt. Kansas law simplifies the process by only requiring the consents of the “adoptee” and the spouse of the adopting adult.

In addition to obtaining the necessary consent(s), a petition for adult adoption must be filed in the county district court to initiate the adoption process. According to Kansas adoption law, the biological parent(s) of the adult to be adopted may, but are not required to be, notified of the hearing to finalize the adult adoption. This may be up to the judge’s discretion or the process your county follows in such proceedings. The adults parents are required to receive a copy of the adult adoption decree in order to notify them that their child has been adopted and has new parents. If an adult adoption is finalized, the adult’s natural parents’ parental rights will be terminated and they no longer have legal rights to their adult child. That adult child also no longer has the right to inherit from his or her parents.

The goal of most adult adoptions is to solidify and legally formalize an already existing close relationship. This may be the case for unrelated adult parents or often exists when a stepparent has raised a child into adulthood and wishes to adopt their adult child. Regardless of reasoning courts in Kansas approve adult adoptions often and the process is not complex or difficult to achieve when parties are in agreement and the adult’s parents are sufficiently notified.

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