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Child Custody

Child Custody & Parenting Time

McDowell Chartered helps families by keeping the best interests of the child in mind.

If you or a loved one is faced with a divorce with children, one of the most important legal issues you will face involves child custody, visitation, parenting time and residency. The primary concern for most divorcing parents is how their child or children will be affected by the process of divorce and the child’s or children’s well being in the new living conditions. Child custody cases are emotionally charged and the process involved with child custody disputes is often very complex. The result of emotions running high and numerous legal challenges is likely to be a very frustrating legal process for everyone involved. That is why it is imperative that you retain a child custody attorney that has many years of experience in child custody matters and who will also listen to your concerns. At McDowell Chartered, they will work hard to effectively represent you and your child’s best interests in child custody matters. They will educate you about the legal process work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome.

Located in Wichita, Kansas, McDowell Chartered is a family law firm that serves couples, stepparents and grandparents throughout Sedgwick County and the greater Wichita Metro Area. Tom McDowell was admitted to practice law in 1992 and limits his practice to legal matters centered on family law matters involving children.

Dedicated, Personalized Service For Child Custody Cases.

At McDowell Chartered, they understand that every child custody case has different and unique facts to analyze and present in family court. At McDowell Charter, your concerns will be heard and they will educate you about aspects and case law that impacts your specific case. You will be involved and communicated throughout the entire legal process so that you are informed at all times. At McDowell Chartered, they treat clients as people and provide a very warm and friendly environment for you and your family. At McDowell Chartered we bring aggressive but reasonable negotiating experience to better assist our clients and bring a successful resolution to your case. If possible, a family law attorney from McDowell Chartered will present collaboration or mediation opportunities in order to help clients resolve their legal issues to avoid trial in order to save you money.

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At McDowell Chartered, in Wichita, Kansas, we have extensive experience in legal matters that affect your children and family. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please contact me for a consultation. We have experience in Children’s Rights (Child Law), including Paternity, Child in Need of Care, Protection from Abuse actions (PFA’s), Child Custody / Parenting Time, Step-parent Visitation and other related matters. We represent clients mainly in the cities of Wichita, Hutchinson, Newton, Winfield, Wellington, Andover, and El Dorado as well as the counties of Butler, Sumner, Harvey, Cowley and Reno.

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